Community Project
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    Welcome To
A Model-Type Virtual Community
A Place Where We Include Everyone
And Exclude No One

               We would like to invite you to take a tour through your neighborhood;:

  •  Encourage all your gifted men, women and children who live in your communities 
          to become "Community Helpers".

  •  Include Everyone & Exclude No One. Turn acquaintenances into friends. Utilize their talents and expertise to help you beautify and repair your neighbor-
          hoods, and perhaps have a "block party" afterwards..

  •  MeetYour Neighbors and discover what they have done to come up with their own successful "win-win" type of solutions..  To see a sample of some of our neighbor's websites, just click on the links to your left.

         and perhaps creating some of your own, and you will create a beautiful and
         peaceful community that you can all share and be proud of.