The building below, serves as Our Community-Health & Wellness Center.  The center represents our idea of how a community center would be set up. The center has been completely built and run by our "Community Helpers"   To access the center, just click on the building below.

   We have a Health, and Wellness Center, for people who are in need of help of any kind. We have a  Rehab Center for those who are in need of assistance.  

We also have our own Community Library, for people who are in recovery, and wish to access some information regarding their recovery.  Also, we have some interesting facts about our history, as well as famous people who have graced our planet in years gone past.   (i.e. composers, poets, artists, as well as literary writers)

The links (to your left) represent other communities who have come up with their Community Success Stories.

               Be sure to visit our Meet Your Neighbors page for more Success Stories as well.

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  Community-Health-Wellness         Rehab and Recovery Center