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A Place Where We Include Everyone
And Exclude No One

Tour Guide
This is Myrtle, she is our "Tour Guide". 
 She also works in our Sanctuary office.

                  We have provided a brief outline, describing how each of our centers work and how they help create a sense of unity 
                  within the community. After you have taken the tour, you can look at your Guide Book, which we will send you upon                              request.

                Visitor's Center - We have brochures, flyers, and a "Visitors Guide Book" that we can send upon request. You can ask
                questions and receive a prompt response. We offer free membership, so be sure to sign up.

                ​Gift Shoppe - In our Gift Shoppe, we have a list of neighborhood websites with unique items that perhaps, you would love                    giving as gifts to yourself, your friends, and to your loved ones.

               Community-Blog -   Our Community Blog Page is a mixture of the few "notifications" that some posted on Facebook, plus
               some blogs - (that I created, to give people a "new perspective" or a new way of looking at people, and ideas.
               called >>> 

​             Sanctuary -  You will find inspiration, wisdom, peace, and a place where it is ok to feel good about yourself
          ..where it is ok to love yourself and those around you.  And when you do this, you will find it easier to trust and accept 
            yourself and those around you.  We also have a "Comfort-in-Music" page tor those of you who have lost someone near
            and dear to you.  (including your animal friends/companions).  We will also have some "Guest Speakers" who will be 
           sharing with you some motivational and inspirational that you can listen to via the U-TUBE channel.

         . **NOTE  - FYI - For those of you who have been asking - THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS SITE  It is a "SPIRITUAL" Site, 
           where we  assist those in need   (whoever they are) with whatever challenges they may be facing at the moment.

            Campus -  We hold classes on - ways to love and accept yourself more, take pride in how you look at yourself, - you are a                    Fantastic Individual. We play word games, mixing up letters in words to create a new word, which changes your perceptions                    in how you look at the people and situations in your life. We also have included an addition to this site is called - FOCUS ON                 LOVING YOURSELF TODAY.  (and if you haven't already signed up as yet for the classes,...we encourage you to do so.) You                will find a "Sign-Up" page on the site, plus a list and description of the classes we have to offer. We think you will enjoy these                  classes.  

      Town Hall -  We invite you to "step up to the "podium" share what is on your mind, read about other's successes stories,                                           and gain a new perspective about yourself and the world around you.  

​     Volunteer Center - You will find a place where you can offer your talents and expertise to those in need.  And perhaps
     involve the people in your neighborhood to volunteer their talents as well. 

​    Community Activity - We suggest that there are ways to work together as a whole, for the benefit of all.  We provide links
    to other sites who are involved in their own "Community of One" projects where they have become  quite successful in their                    endeavors.  We have also listed possible solutions to your everyday challenges that you may experience on a daily basis.   


     Print Shop - We encourage you to submit positive, upbeat stories to our weekly newsletter for others to read, and give your-
      self and the people around you something to look forward to.  We also have a "Publishing Editor" ( Peter), who you can talk to
     as well, Should you have any questions - just set up an appointment with Susan (at the front desk and she will be more than                   happy to help you with whatever you need.

    Cafe - At our Cafe, you will find  ideas for ways to bring your family and friends, closer together.  Sharing a bit of yourself with           another person - writing a poem, uplifting your spirits by listening to some music, reading/hearing a joke from one of our personnel
Also, you will get an opportunity to bond and interact with your children in a positive way. 

        Community-Movie-Theatre - And lastly,  we added this center to our community just recently. We will be displaying a weekly            movie. in the daytime, and another movie in the evening hours (via U-Tube Videos) as well, for your enjoyment and pleasure. 
We decided that  since you get enough of the "violent/killing and terror" type dramas in your lives via whatever you see on 
         television, as well as in the movie theatres, we thought it would be a nice "change of pace".