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We wish to invite you to Our Community Movie Theatre.  I think you will find it a bit " more calming" than your "regular" movie theatre shows.

.Since this is a "Family-Oriented-Community"...there is NO VIOLENCE of any kind shown here.  You will only be able to see Peaceful-Heartwarming Movies at this theatre.  We have a Theatre-Lobby, where we "suggest" "Healthy" snacks to eat in the "comfort of your own home", while watching your favorite movie.  We have a Community-Theatre-Auditorium, where you have the option to watch the movie in the Daytime, or at Night.

We will also have a "comment/suggestion/request" box in the lobby, for you to fill out, with any comments, and/or suggestions, and any requests you may have, regarding what type of movie you would like to "see" 

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